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  • Browse our Gift-giving Menu


Browse our gifting menu and decide which product stickers you would like to purchase. Then place delivery and text (202-336-3015 for ETA)


  • Place Your Order


Send us your order, a selfie with an ID, driving license, or passport to arrange a delivery time and place on our number. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery from the time your order is confirmed. Minimum order of $125 Cash or delivery donation only on all Venmo orders.


  • Out for Delivery


We will not distribute on a federal/local government basis. Once your order is out for delivery, the driver will contact you with the ETA. Please cash only for Bloom stickers, the exact same amount as the driver will not have change or additional gifts.



  • How to place an order?




  • Where do you deliver?


We deliver In the Whole of Massachusetts, Boston, Springfield, and Hartford.


  • How long does it usually take after the order?


we offer same-day delivery, depending on the location.


  • In-store shopping or walk-ins or storefront available?


We do not have a storefront so no store shopping is available


  • Is BCG recreational or medical?


 BCG provides products for both medical and recreational uses.


  • Are your products tested and safe for use?


We have clinically tested products. All the products sold are safe for use


  • What is your store opening time?


For order pickup, you can visit our store during the opening hours given below: 


Open Daily- 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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