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About Us

We offer cannabis delivery in Massachusetts. We have a strong mission to provide convenient and seamless home delivery of cannabis products from a high-quality online platform to our customers in Massachusetts. We support a diverse and accessible cannabis market and want to normalize responsible cannabis use by adults.


The One Value Home Delivery of Cannabis Means Lower Costs and Safety for Consumers and Businesses. We envision a future where our customers can enjoy the reliable ingredients of the products they want when they need them. We all have a deep passion and respect for the cannabis plant that brought us together. Our high-quality clinically tested products shine through in every high-quality product we offer.

Boston Caregiver provides-

Home Delivery

Curbside pickup

Store Pickup

Same-day delivery

Online dispensary 

We make it more convenient for our customers to shop for their cannabis products easily from one place comfortably.

We provide our services in​

# Weed Delivery MA

# Weed Delivery Boston

# Weed Delivery Springfield

# Weed Delivery Hartford

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